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If its working when you log into an Admin account on the Windows 2000 client machine, then your Windows XP SP2 Host settings are correctly set. You shouldn’t have to make any changes to the Host.

If the account logged in is non-admin, and it fails, It sounds like a permissions (policy?) problem on the Windows 2000 PC. Do you disable any DCOM Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator Service for non-admin users?

Also, just a note once you’ve performed the Windows XP SP2 security steps for DCOM on the Host, do not change Host settings again on WinFax Host machine (do not click OK at the Host Configuration dialog box) because once you click OK you have to re-do “Section 6: To enable Anonymous Logon users to have remote activation access to the WinFax.Attachment DCOM component”
From our experience, you have to remove (un-do) the ANONYMOUS LOGIN entry, and re-add it as described in Section 6.

If you have to view the settings in the Host’s Configuration dialog box, always click CANCEL to get out of the dialog box. If you change any item, or click OK without changing anything you have to perform the steps again as outlined in Section 6.