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I was in over the weekend, to do some more work on this. I did manage to get things working, before I got your reply.

What I ended up doing, was taking a shotgun approach (not my usual style – but, I was really starting to get a bit of pressure to get this resolved). I ended up ticking all of the permissions for the Anonymous Logon (in the COM and DCOM areas), and I also added Athenticated Users – with all permissions ticked. Then, everything worked without a hitch. My hunch is that the Authenticated Users entry made the difference … and if I ever get enough time to go back and do some isolation testing, I will surely check it out (and post back here).

I did notice (before making the above adjustments) that the nature of the misbehaviour seems to depend on exactly how the client was started. If the controller started while in an Admin account, and I subsequently tried to fax from a non-Admin account, I would get one error message (account related). Otherwise, if I rebooted the client system and went directly to a non-Admin account to start up the controller, and tried to fax from that non-Admin account, then I would get a different error message (RPC related).

We don’t have any COM, DCOM, or RPC related policies set on our Win2000 PDC. At least, none that are overtly set – perhaps, there is one with a side-effect. Having said that though, given what finally worked for me, it seems unlikely to be a policy issue.

Thanks for the tip about the Host Configuration issue – that’s a really good thing to know, before it actually happens to me. 😀