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@Moderator wrote:

The Controller should load automatically once you start the Message Manager. So, it shouldn’t matter which one you start first.

Yes, if the connection between host-client fails, you may have to even restart the Host before the client will connect again. I find this is a rare occurance.

But before having to restart the Host, I would first check for any running winfax processes on the client machine where the controller fails to load, and terminate them first before restarting the Client. Look for processes such as “wfxctl32” or “wfxmod”

I only got a few days using winfax pro on the client, when the controller on the client just started to disappear. I rebooted the host various times to no avail.

Now when I boot the client, I see the controller loading and the icon appears in the tray but I cannot click it as it disappears as soon as the pointer reaches it. Where before I used to get a message that the client could not connect to the host, now there is no error message at all.

In the task manager I see wfxsnt40.exe, wfxsvc.exe and wfxswtch.exe running.

Could a virus or something similar be the problem? Just this week norton antivirus reports w32.spybot.worm in a game, zuma deluxe, I have been using for many year without a problem. I am quite sure that norton is or could be wrong as reinstalling from a freshly downloaded copy is being prevented by norton because of this virus

What can I do?