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@piloto wrote:

I have a host and 5 clients running XP with SP2. After following all the directions at symantec for SP2 permissions, and changing the host to static IP, I still get the following message at startup of controller on clients: “Winfax PRO is unable to connect to the Winfax PRO Host Station called Yab2 (faxserver). Make sure an account has been created for you on the host station (using the same name/password used to login on your client station)”. When I go to Modems and Communications Devices and try to browse for the host or enter its static IP address, I get this error message: “Setup cannot connect to Winfax PRO on Yab2 (Reason: Access is Denied) Check that this is the correct host name”. I have tried everything I can think of an no luck. I have been running this program for years with a glitch here or there, but nothing like this.

Can anyone help? Symantec Technical Support is a waste of time.:angry:

I am also having the same issue. I have found out that if you logon with the same user account that the winfax host is loged on with i get connected. unfortunately that means all my users would have to be logged on with the same account and that is just unacceptable. any help with this would be apreceated.