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@paristotle wrote:

Does Symantec make version 10.03 available to all users of 10.02? Do they make it available as a download? How does Winfax PRO rate against others likes Zetafax that allows clients to view their faxes in a browser?

Thanks again

Version 10.03 is not available as a download, you would need to obtain a new CD install directly from Symantec. Once you obtain and install version 10.03, you can then download a 1.5Mb patch file to update to version 10.04. Unfortunately, you can’t simply update version 10.0, 10.01, 10.02 to version 10.04. It is a two step process that requires version 10.03 installed first.

I cannot comment on ZetaFax as I have not used that software before.