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@v3locity wrote:

I tried that today, still no luck. I still get the same RPC errors. Winfax seems to be working fine with the class 2.0 settings now. At least I’m receiving faxes, now if I could only do that from my computer….

what is the exact error message you are getting on your machine when you try to connect?

are you connecting using the Host name, or the IP address? can you successfully ping both name and IP using the wfxping.exe utility? are both the client and host on the same network subset? ( host, client for example)

Can another client connect to the host, or have you tried only with one machine?

what OS is on the host, and what is on the client?

did you install the 10.04 patch overtop of version 10.03 on both Host and client? You cannot install 10.04 overtop any other version (10, 10.01, 10.02) (well, you can that is the problem — there is no error message if you do this)

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