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I have one question, can Winfax be used over a network that has 4 PC’s and on one PC there is a multifunctional printer-fax-scaner. With software that came with multifunctional I can send fax from PC that is hooked up with fax-printer-scaner.
But I would like to send faxes from all oder PC that are on network. The PC are already on network and sharing of files and drives is enabled. Sending fax from all PC from Word or other aplication directly from each and one of them.
The OS are XP and where the multifuncitonal is, 98 SE.
Is it possible to send faxes over an network to one PC that has fax machine hooked up?

Yes, this is possible using a feature in WinFax called “Fax Sharing” One machine is considered the “Host” and others are “Clients”. Symantec claims you can have up to 25 clients per host, however, its not recommended to go past 10 clients per host. (You can have multiple hosts)

1. WinFax PRO 9.0x or 10.0x installed on each machine you want to fax from. You can’t mix and match, they must all be the SAME version on all machines (host & clients)

2. A fax modem installed on one of the PCs (doesn’t matter which one) This one will be the “Fax Host” that takes care of all sending and receiving.

3. The multifunction fax device probably won’t work with WinFax, but you likely can use the scanner features from WinFax on the machine where this scanner is hooked up to.

4. Fax Host sharing has problems working with Windows XP and SP2, you need to turn off specific options in Windows XP (see link at top of this forum) or obtain an update to WinFax PRO 10.04

I suggest you read up in the forums on “Fax Sharing” and the related problems/issues you might encounter.

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