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@jerzybondon wrote:

Question for the forum:
Do you have to be logged on on the host computer for the client computer to be able to fax out through it?

When using SDK functions, you have to be logged in and the “wfxctl32.exe” program be running for any of the SDK functions to work . I would assume this is the same for Fax Sharing. When you are not logged in , only the “WinFax Service” is running (which does allow you to send and receive faxes)

Here is a statement regarding this from one of Symantec’s Knowledge Base documents:

“The WinFax service does not have sufficient access rights to run Fax Sharing or Message Sharing. To use a Windows NT/2000 Fax Sharing or Message Sharing host, you must be logged on to the local computer so that WinFax has sufficient access rights.”