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ok don’t know if this is the right section but the forum doesn’t allow me to navigate to the section linked on the pinned topic about client and host sharing issues.

this area is ok, there is a seperate support forum for Fax Sharing issues available to Premium Subscribers only

if updated to 10.04, it assumes you are using Windows XP SP2 and Windows Firewall. It does not make any modifications to other firewalls, you need to do this manually.

In some cases, DCOM is disabled on some machines, You need to confirm that DCOM is enabled on the machines that are failing.

also make sure you updated 10.04 from a 10.03 installation. If the previous version was not 10.03 ( 10.02 or 10.0) then the update would work – but WinFax will fail.

if you’ve confirmed this, then the steps you followed from the Symantec site should have allowed you to connect.

Usually, if one or two machines don’t connect its a problem specific with those clients, and not the Host machine. It may be a firewall, DCOM or other issue such as a bad update to 10.04 from 10.02/10.0.