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yes the dcom is enabled in all machines and yes the update has been made from 10.03 to 10.04. As i said i followed all the symantec site steps but doesn’t want to work.

The strange thing is that on 2 clients work and in another 2 client it doesn’t but the installed softwares in the whole office are the same, the machines are the same, the network is the same.

from the 2 clients where i get the error message i can even see the host machine from winfax client(meaning that if i select program setup and i search the host for the winfax sharing client i can see the whole network and if i select the server, winfax return that CAN reach the machine whitout problem) but when i reboot the client it allways says: “winfax pro is unable to connect to the winfax pro host station called server”

the whole 4 machine has been re-installed ex-novo so i can’t really understand why on 2 of those it goes well and on 2 doesn’t work at all

the only thing that comes in my mind about some difference on the windows update status: all the machines have sp2 but someone have been installed more hotfix than the others, but it doesn’t make sense since one of the 2 machine that works is fully updated and one is not. Same situation in the 2 machine that doen’t work. There is any hotfix after sp2 know to cause such issues?