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I have all the same problems that you have. I followed all the steps in the document as well as installing version 10.04. Nothing. I dont know wha tto do at this point because i just bought some equipment for our company to convert everything with win fax not knowing of this sp2 issue they are having. Back a year ago when i used to use win fax, i never had this issue. So now i look stupid because of these problems.

I have noticed that you are using the same IP as i am wassupbonsai. It was set default when i set everyhting up. Interesting. Do you think that the IP of the server may be an issue? Perhaps it has to be a certain number. I say this because i have used some software before where i ran into problems because it wasnt compatable with that particular IP range. What do you think? I also believe i came across something on the symantec site sayhing that you cant use certain IPs. I wish i had that page to give to you.

I need to find another soloution that is simmilar to winfax.

Does anyone know of another type of innexpensive solution that integrates the fax server and our companies computers with outlook 2003? We are all using SP2 BTW. I like the features of everyone faxing from their desktops and when a fax comes in it emails it or notifies someone. Thats pretty much the only features we need, but we need to be able to do it with a standard phone line and not an internet based solution because we cannot rely on our internet nor do we want to pay a monthly fee because we send and receive at least 100 faxable items a day.

I saw somethign from Black ICE software, but im not sure if that is up to par or comparable. I downloaded an eval, but it seems a bit more complex. I need to figure it out.