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Hi superfuzz!
I read in the Symantec Article, “How to set up TCP/IP network for Fax and MEssage Sharing”, that “There are ranges of IP addresses that are meant for Private Networks. The following table uses addresses that are from the range of to” So I thought I could use anything in that range. I don’t think our address is the problem as I have read many forums with people using different addresses having the same problem. I wish it was that easy!! Symantec has really gone down hill I think! It’s like the incompatibility with Norton Corporate 10 and PC Anywhere 11.5. Crashes the server! Though they do have a fix for that.

Anyway, I have now given up and downloaded a fax program for the workstations called “Snappy Fax 2000” and “Snappy Fax Server” for the server from http://www.snappysoftware.com/sfindex.htm
it has a 30 day trial and i have got it working perfectly. I think I’m going to buy it instead of Winfax. Too many bugs I think. Hope you get it sorted and thanks for the reply!