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@Moderator wrote:

Did you try just using 10.03 and then following the steps in the Windows XP SP2 document?

Yes, I tried 10.03 and followed the directions- No Joy…

I am also now running into a problem with 10.03 and the outlook integration… The Symantec web site says to fix it.. turn it off… wonderful!

Then there is 10.03 and large drives- that doesn’t work either… if you want to use multiple message stores… You need to move it to a small partition with less than 2GB free… and re-size it over and over again…. They have had this bug since Version 9.0 at least… you would think they could bother to fix some of this stuff..

Edit: On a side note, My call on 10/5 … The one the tech swore he would call back the next day… I still have not gotten a call back- and any other calls to Tech Support are met with “Someone will get back to you- we are working on the problem”.

What a joke.

I am not going to to use ANY symantec product ever again… How can I trust their AntiVirus software when they can’t get a fax program to work?