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@aetherin wrote:

THANK YOU for the suggestions; I will try them this afternoon. 2 more questions:

1. is it really true that the fax sharing host cannot, itself, be used locally to send faxes with the WinFax printer driver?

2. i do remember upgrading the server to 10.03. unfortunately, i did it from a download, not a CD. fortunately, i never throw anything away. i found a file named wfzip.exe that, when clicked on, asks where to unpack the WinFax 10.03 installation files. can i use that to install on both computers?

thanks again for the help!

1. No, you can send faxes from the Host or the client once they are properly configured. The Host also has a WinFax PRO printer driver and operates exactly like a client, except it is the PC with the actual fax machine attached to it.

2. Yes, I suggest you burn those files to a CD and make an image for backup. You can then use these 10.03 files to install on the client. Since you already have 10.03 on your Host, you don’t need to reinstall there.