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i just want to thank you again for your help. i hope you know that now YOU are a lifesaver.

i uninstalled the client with no problem. when i went to run wtnsetup on the server, i got a message saying that controller was running, i needed to quit it before installing. sure enough, there was the icon in the system tray. right clicked on it to start message manager, and poof! everything was back!

i next tried to send a fax from another application, only to get the “winfax is not active for this user” message. so i ran wtnsetup on this user (after stopping controller). once again, all was right with the world.

i haven’t attempted to reinstall the client yet (once bitten…), but i was encouraged by the fact that the server was still configured as a fax sharing host. i may have to try it this afternoon. don’t be surprised if a new thread pops up later…

thanks again