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@krafty8989 wrote:

Yes, I am connecting fine to the host box. No errors or issues.

I will not be back on-site till Monday morning so cannot check the chosen device. What should be there?

Thanks for the reply……

It should say “First Available Device” or “WinFax PRO Fax Sharing ” or something similar to that.

It may be trying to send the fax on a device that no longer exists, or isn’t connected.

confirm that “Fax Sharing” is the only checked active device under Tools, Program Setup, Modems & Communications Devices

If that still doesn’t work, then try reconfiguring the Fax Sharing in WinFax by clicking on Tools, Program Setup, Modems & Communications Devices. Select “WinFax PRO Fax Sharing” hold the SHIFT key, then click PROPERTIES. This will go through the process of setting up the Fax Client again.

If that doesn’t help, Try performing a Rebuild on the STATUS.WFB log file.

(Run REBUILD.BAT from the WinFax folder on each of the Windows XP machines) and select the STATUS.WFB file each time) Make sure WinFax is closed and the Controller is shut down first before you attempt this.

Hope this helps,