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I’ll have to look into this further, if this is the case it is a bug in WinFax. Since you can’t really control what others send to you, it will be difficult to avoid the problem if you consistantly receive a Caller ID with a comma in it.

I checked my Host’s receive log “Name” field and not a single entry had a comma in it, so I can see why I never would come across this issue.

You may be using TAPI mode and this is why you don’t see any caller id information under Caller ID/Number. Try switching WinFax to use the COM port where the modem is installed, instead of TAPI (this is in the Modems & Communications Settings)
After you make the change, you should be able to see both the Name and Caller ID/Phonenumber for all callers in the log for any new calls you receive (it won’t change any of the details in the existing entries)