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@jmack9132 wrote:

The only thing so far I haven’t got working is the faxsharing, the client won’t attach to the host, I keep getting the message make sure an account has been created for you on the host workstation. Using a domain account but the only way I can get it to work is to make that client an admin on the host which won’t work in our company.

Both versions of WinFax should be the same, so if you have 10.03 on the Host, make sure the client is using 10.03.

I do not recommend the use of the version 10.04 update, especially if you are mixing operating systems (Windows 2000 connecting to a Win XP SP2, or XP SP2 connecting to XP SP1)

You will need to perform the DCOM security modifications on the Host and each client when using version 10.03 or lower.