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Three weeks ago, I had Winfax Pro working perfectly. My system is Windows XP SP2 w/ IE7. My host is W2K w/ SP4.

This configuration has worked for at least three years. At that time, I uninstalled some programs that I no longer wanted or needed. When I went to start Winfax, I received an error message about not being able to connect to the host. I received the error message to check that this is the correct host name. I have tried uninstalling Winfax and then reinstalling. I did the same thing with the host machine.

But no luck. To verify that I didn’t do anything stupid, I installed Winfax on another XP machine and it works beautifully. I really need to get this fixed because I work in our accounts payable dept and I have faxing invoices and other documents for years this way. Now, I have to print them out and go the fax machine.

So, someone PLEASE HELP!!!!

P.S. I have tried all the fixes that was suggested for IE7. That did not work at all.