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What are the total # of clients trying to connect to Host
There is a limit of 25 clients per single host, but I don’t recommend anymore than 10 clients connected to a Host at one time.

Did you perform step 4 from http://service1.symantec.com/SUPPORT….1425704
on the Windows XP SP3 clients?

Have you confirmed no firewall is running, including Windows Firewall? If so, make sure WFXCTL32.EXE is in the firewall and/or Virus/worm protection exception lists.

Did you update using the 10.04 patch over an existing 10.03 installation of WinFax? (not 10.0. 10.01 or 10.02) Unfortunately, the update will allow installations overtop older versions thus creating a problem with the software.

If you’ve done all this, and you know that the Windows XP SP2 clients are connecting to the Host without problem, then the issue is most likely on the client (SP3) side only. Using a SP3 client to test, Try connecting the WinFax client to the WinFax Host on , after the error appears check the Event Viewer for any DCOM errors (start, run , eventvwr.msc) then click on the SYSTEM folder. Under source, you may see DCOM with an Error message. What are the messages listed here?