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@Pocketaces wrote:

I’m not trying to rebuild anything. Unless that will solve the problem and that’s what you’re trying to tell me. Right now, the integration works but I can only get it to recognize one folder.

Let me know if I missed something in your post.



The previous posts you see (about rebuilding) are due to a corruption in the forum database. It has nothing to do with your original post, so please disregard it. It has been fixed…

as for the Contact folder, are you refering to sub-folders under “contacts” ?

You can try this:

In the main Outlook Window, highlight the Contacts sub-folder you created, right-click, then select Properties.
Click the Outlook Address Book tab.
Enable the option “Show this folder as an e-mail address book.”
Close Microsoft Outlook and the Controller.
Start Message Manager. The Contacts sub-folder now appears.