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@Pocketaces wrote:

Thank you again for the help. The funny thing is that I read a lot about people getting that error when closing Outlook but I’ve never had that problem. Everything works fine except for this one annoyance I’m having. Maybe you can give me another way of accomplishing what I’m trying to do.

I have a list of contacts that can only be downloaded as comma delimited, tab delimited, or fixed length. I’d like to take this downloaded file and create a phonebook in winfax using those contacts. I had an easy time mapping the fields if I imported it into outlook first. I also use outlook as my contact manager so it would’ve been perfect. Now that that seems out, what do you suggest?

Once again, I know you’re taking a lot of time with this but I really do appreciate the help. Thank you very much.



If you can export your contact list to comma delimited or tab delimited you can import the phonebook into WinFax and then you can organize the contacts into folders within WinFax. The only problem with this is when you update any of your contacts in Outlook (change a phone number for example) , those changes are not reflected in the WinFax Phonebook (because they are different databases)

The first step is to export your data to comma or tab delimited format.

Then create a new phonebook in WinFax (File, New, Phonebook) and select the option to create a WinFax type phonebook.

Once you’ve done this, you need to click the phonebook in WinFax, then click File, Import.

Select “ASCII” type phonebook.
Select the text file you exported from Outlook.
Select “Comma” or “Tab Delimited” format (depending on the format you exported in Outlook)
Start the import.

Your records show now appear in WinFax as a WinFax native phonebook. You can now create sub-folders here and move phonebook entries into them as you like.