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this is a known problem with WinFax PRO. there is a problem how winfax checks for free disk space that may be incompatible with larger drives formatted with large cluster sizes. (Program “FAXMNG32.EXE is Using GetFreeSpace API instead of GetFreeSpaceEx API* to determine Free Disk Space. See http://support.microsoft.com/kb/202455 for details)

not yet determined if the MS ACT Program Compatibility Toolkit can fix this issue with Windows XP

If you set the compatibility to Windows 98, it works but when you use fax sharing you will get the DCOM error message.

Its also possible that a disk quota has been set in Windows XP for the specific user that is logged in and using WinFax, in this case, WinFax will check the amount of free space left in the users quota (not the entire hard drive)

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