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This does not work in WinFax. Short of moving those contacts out of the folder into the main folder, I am not aware of any other method to fix this . Symantec had a solution to this issue, but I don’t believe it works.


You have Outlook 2000 or Outlook 2002 integrated with WinFax PRO and you have created sub-folders under Contacts within Outlook. When you view the Contacts folder within WinFax PRO, the Contacts folder appears, but the sub-folders do not.

Symantec does not support using second-level Outlook folders as address books. You can try the following workaround to resolve the problem, but we cannot guarantee the results.

To reconfigure Outlook folders:

Close the WinFax Controller and any open WinFax windows or dialog boxes.
Reconfigure Outlook:
Open Outlook, click View, point to Go To, and then click Contacts.
Open the sub-folder that you want to add to the WinFax phone book.
Right-click the sub-folder, and then click Properties.
Click the Outlook Address Book tab.
Place a check mark next to “Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book”, and then click OK.
Repeat step 2.b through 2.e for each sub-folder that you want to view within WinFax PRO.
Close Outlook.
Restart WinFax PRO.

You now see the sub-folder listed within the Microsoft Exchange/Outlook address book.

NOTE: Sub-folders are visible within the Microsoft Exchange/Outlook address book. They do not appear within the autolink Outlook address book.

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