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@larkserv wrote:

I have used Winfax since 1993. Always upgrading every two years or so. Never having any major problems. I had version 10.0 before I got WinXP. Dutifully upgraded to 10.02 when I found 10.0 would not work with XP. Two weeks ago I installed an office upgrade to 2003 from office 2000. Now I cannot use winfax and I have become very used to its simplicity and the way it worked. I have scoured the symantec site to find out if 10.04 would ensure a workable product with XP Pro and Office 2003. The Symantec online technical support option just sends me around and around in circles with no way of getting even a question to them? All I want to know? Is there a way of getting any version of Winfax 10. whatever to work with Office or Outlook 2003 or have I wasted two weeks of my time on this idea? Or is there another product out there with similar useabilty that a person should try?

what exactly do you want to use within Outlook ? WinFax logs etc? Its best to disable Outlook integration in WinFax and have them work independantly