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@xaren wrote:

We have been using Office 2007, and just installed Winfax 10.03. For some reason the contacts will not import to Winfax. I can’t even export the list to a CSV and import to winfax (only 20 items import, and the rest show as an error).

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, but can’t figure out what it is.

Can someone please aid.



You can import a database file into a WinFax PRO phonebook. The database file may be in any of the following formats:

ASCII text (.txt)
CAS (.pb)
dBase III+ (.dbf)
TalkWorks 2.x/3.x (.wfb)
WinFax PRO 7.x/8.x/9.x or 10.0 (.wfb)
WinFax 3.0/4.0 & WinFax 4.0 Lite (.dbf)

You might also encounter an “Import file mismatch” message when trying to import a phonebook. This is due to incorrect linking or ordering of the phonebook fields. If you want to import a database or spreadsheet file, first export the file as a .dbf file. Consult your software documentation for information on exporting files to dBase format.

ASCII files

To import an ASCII file, you must first create a WinFax PRO phonebook. To import the ASCII file, follow these steps:

In Message Manager, click File, point to Import, and then click Phonebook. The Import Phonebook Wizard appears.

Select ASCII from the Format drop-down list, and then click Next.

Click Select, and browse to the location of the ASCII text file. Select the file, click Open, and then click Next.

Select the separator from the drop-down list. If the first row of the file is data, and not a column heading, click Import First Row, and then click Next.

Match the fields on the left side to the Phonebook fields on the right side, and click Next.

Select the phonebook into which you are importing the data, and click Finish. The ASCII file is imported.

A summary screen appears when the import is finished.