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In order to close out this issue, here’s what I found to solve the problem.

Following the advice in the moderator’s post above, I created a new message store and started moving messages from all the receive log, received, and send log folders. Attempting to move the first few messages kicked back an error saying “error: call failed – there is not enough disk space on drive c: to move all files associated with this message” (not verbatim). So I headed off to http://www.symantec.com, selected “support” from the dropdown menu at the top right of the page, typed in “error: call failed”, and opened the result that referenced the above error.

Apparently WinFax in some situations doesn’t like running under Windows XP, so you have to find the faxmng32.exe program (mine was at c:program filessymantecwinfaxfaxmng32.exe) using Windows Explorer, right-click on faxmng32.exe, select properties, click the compatibility tab, set the program to run in compatibility mode for Windows 98, then click OK out of those windows. Close Windows Explorer, and fire up Message Manager. All done.

After doing this, our messages were able to be moved out of the original store, and mass faxing using our ACT database worked as it should. YMMV.

Hope that helps,