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@Moderator wrote:

one possible reason for blank send/receive log.

the log files are stored in status*.* files, there should be about 15 or more of these files in your backup directory. If they don’t exist, winfax creates a new clean set of them, resulting in a blank send/receive log as if you were starting new.

so when you backed up your winfaxdata directory, you need to ensure those status*.* files were also backed up,and that you properly copied back to the new winfaxdata directory. Its possible that Windows backup will “skip” files in use, or fail to backup when files are in use. So, if you did the backup while WinFax was running (Controller or Fax Service), these log files are in use and may be missing in your original backup. Just a theory but may be what is happening here.

This has to be the reason. I am looking at the backup file and only seeing one of those files. While on the new installation, there are approximately 15. I am guessing that this particular system had the “Message Manger” open and these files were not included.

No solution to the above?

I am still abel to view the individul files by clicking on them, but would prefer them to be back in WinFax.