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Well, not having a backup makes things a little difficult.

if you look at any WinFax Receive log entry, receive log properties, you’ll see the associated files for that log entry. Like a 3 page received fax may look like, 0123001.fxr, 0123002.fxr, 0123003.fxr etc. Fax received files are always in the xxxxppp.fxr format x=number/letter p=page #

You need to rename the FXR files so they match the log entries. Of course you need to actually view the fax image first to determine what fax image files should be named.

In the send log, entries may look like 234001.fxd, 234002.fxd, 234003.fxd. If you included a WinFax generated cover page, then Cover Page data files with .CVR extension also are used and contain the text you may have included on a sent cover page, plus the path of the cover page (.CVP) file you sent. If you used the quick cover page, no .CVP path is included, but the text will appear in this file.

This is a a Long and tedious task if you have many faxes.

.FXR = Fax Received
.FXD = Fax Sent
.CVR = Cover Page data file, which contains the cover page used/path filename and the cover page text.
.FXS = Fax Attachment

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