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Thanks for all your explanations, I do appreciate your taking your time to help me. I am saving this message for future reference.

…a 3 page received fax may look like, 0123001.fxr, 0123002.fxr, 0123003.fxr etc.

Yes, I had learned that, in fact I have renamed already whatever I could, visualizing the right pages, more or less. But the problem is with the received faxes: example…fax number 1 has three pages with 0123001.fxr, 0123002.fxr, 0123003.fxr, fax number 2 has 1 page with 0123001.fxr, and fax number 3 that has two pages points to 0123001.fxr, 0123002.fxr 🙁 Got the situation? Same files and I see always only the same first page 0123001.fxr, not even , 0123002.fxr or 0123003.fxr

You need to rename the FXR files so they match the log entries.

No, I need to do the opposite. I need to rename the log entries so that they match the FXR files. I cannot rename according to the log because I would have many FXR’s with the same name.

This is a a Long and tedious task if you have many faxes

Don’t remind me, I have been doing it… :angry: