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Tomorrow I will try to post a copy as you asked because now I do not have a hexeditor installed in the new disk yet. Will it be easy to find the right sequence of files to change then?

P.S.: I noticed one thing after what you told me… Muy Winfax is Italian. In the DATA folder I have Status.* and Stato.* files :O
I had installed once Winfax 10.02 in English and then when I installed 10.02 in Italian I kept the data files. So when I copied this folder into the new disk I also carried with me both versions. Is is correct to have a Status.* and a Stato.*? Or should I now have only the Italian version? I noticed that all are updated to a few days ago. I moved, just to try, all the status.* to a different folder keeping what I assume is Italian (stato.*) and I started winfax, but I haven’t noticed anything different. So for the moment, until further instruction I leave everything as it is.