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@Moderator wrote:

I could not find any reference to stato*.* files in Italian version, and this is all I could find on Symantec Italian site

L’Archivio messaggi predefinito in WinFax PRO 7.x, 8.x, 9.x e 10.x si chiama Status.wfb.

which confirm that the file should be called status even in Italian. I looked in the old Data folder of the previous installation and I do not have any stato.* files but that old verion was 10.02 italian. So either they were created when I tried to rebuild them through the maintainance utility or they were created by the upgrade to 10.03? Mistery of symantec programs :angry: If I try to remove the Stato file, opening winfax will give me an error and recreate the db. So it is needed.
Anyway, I will post shortly both files for your reference..
Although I wonder how I can find out which lines to change after we see that a file name is repeated. Will it be a guessing thing or there will be a procedure?….

P.S. Moderator, you have a PM 🙁