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For your future reference, the moderator and I tried to solve this problem in private through email. Actually he was the one who did! Genius! :;):

By looking at both sets of files, it appeared that version 10.03 Italian used the stato*.* files, and the English version used status*.* files, which was the set of files were used prior my installing WinFax PRO 10.03 italian.
Since nothing was working, I rebuilt the logs through the winfax applet and I suppose that created the new stato.* set of files with a totally wrong log, I do not know why. Changing the files name to have them corresponding to the log did not work. The problem to edit the stato3.wfx was that many entries used the same fax file, like 6379001.fxr and 6379002.fxr so I didn’t know which ones to change.

I passed the sets of files, English and Italian to our moderator to see if he could edit the stato.*log

The status*.* files looked correct, and the log entries were all correct. So to fix the problem he just renamed the status*.* files that contained all the correct fax file names to stato*.* and sent me the newly renamed set (I had thought to do that but I was sure that some files would have pointed to something that was there and I would have have a chain of error messages. So I did not even try).

I replaced my stato*.* files with those files and finally the fax pages appear properly.

I suggest always not to delete original old data until you are 100% sure that everythting works properly 😎 and I suggest to keep always this forum in your bookmarks, if you plan to use winfax in the future! 😀

P.S.: Moderator….Thank you! 🙂