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Did you setup the data source?

like listed here

Before you can use ODBC, you have to set up a Data Source or DSN, which includes information about the database you want to access. This is done using the ODBC Data Source Administrator. If you have installed MyODBC on your own machine, this tool will be found in the Windows Control Panel. The name and location varies, depending on which version of Windows you are running. It may be called Data Sources (ODBC) or simply ODBC. If you don’t see it in the main list of control panels, look in Administrative Tools.

this is the important part:

You can click Test Data Source to check that you have typed your user name and password correctly. When you click OK, the DSN will be created.

I think the screen shots on that web site are a little old, but should be similar setup.

The WinFax portion of the setup would be something like this:

Start Message Manager.

Click File, point to New, and click Phonebook.

Select the Link to an Existing Phonebook option and click Next.

Enter a name for the phonebook, and click Next.

Click Other, select SQL Server via ODBC, and click Next.

Click Set Information, and select the data source (your mysql database)

Select the table containing the contact information, usually Customers or Contacts for example.

Map the database fields on the left to the WinFax phonebook fields on the right, or click on the automatic button to map the fields automatically. Normally automatic mapping will work fine.

Click Next, click Finish, and click Finish again. The operation is complete.

Exit all programss, and restart the system.

Launch Message Manager.

Click Go, and click Phonebook. The phone book should now appear with the name you assigned