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Having run Symantec Winfax Pro and its predecessor Delrina for the past 8 or 9 years, I have accumulated a large number of messages which I now want to import into Winfax version 10.02.

The messages are not in a one-file .wfb message store but are stored as separate files with extensions .fxr (received faxes), .fxd (sent faxes) and .cvr (cover sheets).

When I contacted Symantec Help, I was told how to import a .wfb message store called status.wfb into Winfax but not how to import the individual files comprising my individual faxes.

Unfortunately, I don’t have my message store in one file, status.wfb or, indeed, any other .wfb file.

My messages are in one folder as separate .cvr, .fxd and .fxr files.

I wonder if any of the learned brethren in this forum know how this can be achieved.