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Yes, Symantec changed the knowledge base search for WinFax back to the old knowledge base they had setup for WinFax PRO 9.0. I am not sure why, but it makes it harder to find documents.

As for the phonebook/user name entry problem. I had this happen to me once where the optimize.bat or rebuild.bat steps did not solve the problem, rather than renaming the DATA directory and reimporting all the data, I just created a new phonebook in WinFax and copied all the contacts (dragging and dropping them) from one phonebook (the default one that is giving me the problem) to a new phonebook. I then exited out of WinFax, manually deleted the default phonebook files in the WinFax/Data directory and then restarted WinFax. It then created a new default set of phonebook files, and I then copied all my phonebook entries(drag and drop) back into the blank, freshly created default phonebook.

I always recommend making a backup of the entire DATA directory incase you delete the wrong file.

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