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The first step is to confirm your ACT! 5.0 or 6.0 Phonebook appears properly in WinFax and you can actually see all the records.

In ACT! make sure unders Preferences, WinFax is set as the FAX program and you’ve configured its use as a phonebook.

Start WinFax and you should see ACT! as an available phonebook with all the records displayed.

If not, and you get a database error, then close down WinFax and ACT! , open the Registry Editor and make sure the following registry keys exist:


In this key, you should have several Symantec programs listed. In this list, Make sure the following three sub-keys are listed under “InstalledApps” — “ACT60”, “ACT50”, an “WINFAX” if they are not added, you must add them in manually. DO NOT MODIFY any othey key already listed here.

ACT60 with a REG_SZ value of the full path, for example “C:Program FilesACT”

ACT50 with a REG_SZ value of the full path, for example, “C:Program FilesACT”

WINFAX with a REG_SZ value of the full path, for example. “C:Program FilesWinFax”

IF — When you try to enter these keys they fail with an error message, then its possible that you have NORTON Anti-Virus installed. Norton protects the “InstalledApps” section of the registy and will not allow any modification to this key for security reasons. The workaround for this is to UNINSTALL Norton Anti-Virus and then modify the key(s) , test WinFax & ACT,and then reinstall Norton Anti-Virus.

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