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Back again.
I went to see the Windows registry key.
Here is what I found as for the path.
The first lost phonebook named “Louise” has the following path:
C: Documents and settings”my full name”Application Data SymantecPhone BookLouise.

Same for the other lost phone book except for the name: Peter instead of Louise.

But in my folder C: Documents and settings”my full name”Application Data, I have absolutely nothing like that, and can’t remember I have ever had: My husband installed the program years ago, and maybe he did not create – or have WinFax create – that folder.
Something really must have changed, because those 2 Phonebooks used to work properly since not long.

As to the “My Phone Book, the path is like one of those you suggested:
C:Program FilesSymantecWinFaxDataMY-PH-BK, but there I find all following files that include in their name:

MY-PH-BK. As you can see, some are very old. I guess the real one (which includes very few numbers) would be the biggest one (25 KB).

Date modified

MY-PH-BK2.WFD 1KB 2008-04-24
MY-PH-BK2.WFG 1KB 2008-04-24
MY-PH-BK2.WFX 2KB 2008-04-24
MY-PH-BK.WFB 1KB 2005-11-11
MY-PH-BK.WFD 3KB 2008-04-24
MY-PH-BK.WFF 1KB 2008-04-24
MY-PH-BK.WFG 1KB 2008-04-24
MY-PH-BK.WFR 0KB 2005-11-11
MY-PH-BK.WFX 25KB 2008-04-24
MY-PH-BKS.WFD 1KB 2005-11-11
MY-PH-BKS.WFG 1KB 2006-04-29
MY-PH-BKS.WFX 3KB 2005-11-11

But I don’t trust myself to change anything, neither there nor in the registry edit… since even that default Phone Book does not work properly: when I choose one of the recipients, the number that appears on the Fax to be sent is perfectly OK, but the connection never works. Since yesterday, the only Fax I was able to send properly was the one when I entered the number by hand without using the the Phone Book entry.

Does this help you … to keep helping me?

I would really prefer to have all my data in the C: Documents and settings”my full name”Application Data Symantec

that does not exist right now.

Is it too late to change that without loosing my other (much more important) files, like my receive and sent logs and all my files documents.

Thanks again,