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well, it looks like those were the previous locations of your phonebooks, but they are no longer there — this is why you get the error when you start WinFax.

So the question is, where are these 2 winfax phonebooks located now?

You can do a search for the following files to determine where these files are on your system:

Search for:




this should search your entire hard drive for any files that start the the word “louise” or “peter” and have the “wf” extension (such as louise.wfb, louise.wfx … etc)

Its also possible that you’ve logged in as another user in Windows, since it appears the “Phone book” folder was created manually. WinFax does not create this, therefore, you would not have the “Phone book” folder underneath the Symantec folder if you log in to window s with a different account name.

"C:Documents and settingsApplication DataSymantecPhone Book"

Does “” match what was listed in the Windows registry for the WinFax phonebooks path?

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