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You wrote:

“So the question is, where are these 2 WinFax phonebooks located now? “

Yes that is the question or one of them…

I am totally confused. The mystery gets deeper and deeper.

I made the searches that you proposed. At first I found nothing.
Then I refined the search to look in hidden files: there they appeared in the AllUsersDocumentsApplication DataSymantecPhone Books, but when I looked the AllUsersDocumentsApplication Data Folder, there was absolutely no Symantec folder at all.
I made sure that there were no hidden files in the AllUsersDocumentsApplication Data… made a refresh, I still can’t see any Symantec folder.

I have never seen such a thing!

I live alone here, unless I have phantom visitors (and I do have a mighty firewall), no one ever logs in as “another user”. If one of my sons visits me occasionally and needs my computer, (which is rare, they tend to use my late husband’s computer that is always running 3 feet away from mine) the computer is already turned on, and they will use it to surf the Web.

You wrote:
“it appears the “Phone book” folder was created manually. WinFax does not create this, therefore, you would not have the “Phone book” folder underneath the Symantec folder if you log in to window s with a different account name.
Since I did not install the program myself, I can’t swear, but I remember that Peter used always to say: “Install the way the program suggests, never take initiatives…”
Maybe he did try to create that file, because most programs install their data in Application Data and the application data were globally backed-up every night… Maybe… he will never be able to explain that to me anymore.

But since I can’t find them, I might as well consider those books as lost.
If I consider them as lost, can I destroy them through the regedit.exe? (The program it-self does not allow me to delete them: it always give that disk error.)

Since I still have all the logs, I could find the fax numbers easily.

But back to the beginning, because I do not want to take to much of you time:

Assuming those 2 phone books were not to be found, what could I do so that my default “My Phone Book”.. would work… I mean that I could send a fax to a recipient whose fax data are entered in the phone book, and that I do not need to write the number by hand each time, since this was the only way I was able to send a fax since 2 days.

At the end of your Post, you write:

“C:Documents and settingsApplication DataSymantecPhone Book”

and you ask:

Does “” match what was listed in the Windows registry for the WinFax phonebooks path?

The answer is yes, but as I explained, when I simply look in my files, “C:Documents and settingsApplication DataSymantecPhone Book” simply does not exist.

Many questions… I know… I hate to be so dependant.

Thank you dear Moderator (or Moderators?)