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Dear Moderator(s),
I understand very well that you do not know me, and that you try to help me as well as you can.
Although I am not a high level specialist, I am also not a total beginner.

I wrote it in my last post:

“I made sure that there were no hidden files in the AllUsersDocumentsApplication Data… made a refresh, I still can’t see any Symantec folder.”

When I found the files while doing a search including hidden files, the first thing that I did was just what you now tell me to do: the files are not there or at least totally invisible.

If I have to abandon the idea that I could recover those phonebooks, I won’t make a drama about it, but I wounder how come I never got an error message when I scrupulously made my back-ups each time I changed something in WinFax.

I am really sorry to give you and/or your co-moderators so much trouble, but my trouble is very annoying, and I guess for you it’s a challenge too.

So please, don’t let me down, your team seems to know a lot and to be so willing to help, I am amazed!