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Thank you so much!
I have found them… I would never have thought!
The search showed a path :
C:documents and settingAll UsersDocumentsApplication DataSymantecPhone books.
But when I opened the folder
C:Documents and SettingAll Users the was NO “Documents” folder
The name was “Shared Documents “and when opened, this folder changes automatically to Documents in which there is another Application Data and there they were!

I have so many Application data folders, (I must have 5!) they are like Russian dolls ???

Anyway, 2 last questions, and I’ll leave you (I really hope) in peace.

Question 1:

In that folder: C:documents and settingAll UsersDocumentsApplication DataSymantec
I have 4 sub-folders:
1. Coverpages. This one I really don’t need, I have my cover Page in C:Program FilesSymantecWinFaxCovers
2. Phone books: the one I need to move
3. Shared in which I have an empty message folder, and “something” called “MyProfile.UserProfile” described as a LiveReg user profile (very old: 2005) that I cannot in no way find through search… Do I need that?
4. WinFax Data where a file “MY BACKUP DATA.WFA” that I find no where in the C:Program FilesSymantecWinFax: I think it is not useful anymore, since I make my back-ups on a separate hard disk.

Should I simply move the Phone books folder back in C:Program FilesSymantecWinFaxData and then correct the paths in the registry? And forget about the other ones?

Question 2:
2.1 Where are the scanned files kept as attachments saved? Are they in the C:Program FilesSymantecWinFax?
2.2 And where are all the sent and received logs? I still have access to them when I open the program, so I guess there ARE somewhere but there are so many files in pile there, and I do not understand what is what, and losing them would be THE catastrophe.

Thanks, and I’m sure part of your answer will help others too…