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Thanks, John. That brought in phone books, but they were the older ones, so I spent half an hour updating and will use them. The only phone book file in Data with today’s date is my-ph-bk.wff which is 1kb. Which would contain the data, the .wfd file? If so, why wouldn’t it bear today’s modified date instead of 2005?

No other files or folder in data have today’s modified date.
This did not bring in cover pages which can be done with Import, but only 1 at a time — cannot select more with ctrl/shift or any combination. Is there another method? (Also cannot restore anything because it’s looking for a .wfa file which doesn’t exist.)

Also the data history of msgs sent in the past is missing from the sent window which had 2 folders: Sent to customers and sent. Have no idea which folder they should be — not folder Log for it is empty. Do you happen to know what the file names would be?

Still don’t understand why WFP is not seeing the data — is there a control file where the folder or file names can added?