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a default phonebook consists of a dozen or so seperate files, some are index files and are not updated with the current date/time stamp.

Cover page files are usually stored in the COVER folder, so you’d have to have your original cover page files in this folder. The “cover.db” database file in your DATA folder should contain all the cover page information. If you are manually importing a cover page (.cvp) you can only do one at a time.

You can determine where your data and cover pages are being stored by clicking HELP, ABOUT in WinFax. The paths are listed in the scrolling window.

If you had additional message stores created and they are not displayed, then you have to add them manually. You can click on File, New, Message Store. Click Advanced, and select the Use Existing Message Store option, then select the appropriate “wfb” file that should be in your DATA folder. Do not select “my-ph-bk.wfb” or “status.wfb” as those are your default phonebook and send/receive logs respectively. Then type in a name and description and click OK to add the existing message store.