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@fbdenman wrote:

Well, this Courier v.Everything is the second modem I’ve tried. The first was SupraFaxModem 288. Neither worked. Now these are of course older modems, but the Courier has been flashed to v.90 on data and has been superior in everything I’ve used it for.

Has *fax* processing changed enough in the last 6-8 years that it might be worth trying a current modem?



Do you know what type of fax machine, or fax device they are using?

All fax machines/modems are backward compatible, so even with an older fax machine or fax modem it should work. 14.4kbps transmission is still the standard speed for faxing.

Although its old, the Supra FaxModem 28.8kbps is an excellent fax modem for WinFax PRO.

If you like, I can try sending a test fax to that number you’re having problems with. I’m using a Rockwell Based 14.4kbps External Fax/Voice modem with WinFax PRO.