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WinFax PRO does require a fax modem for it to work if you want to send faxes through your telephone line. Fax Modems are very inexpensive, they range in price up to $100.00, but usually you can find a reasonable fax modem for under $20.00. Modem Site has a lot of information regarding fax modems, see http://www.modemsite.com/56k/index.asp

WinFax PRO can also send faxes through the internet, so technically, you don’t need a fax modem installed on your computer, but the problem here is that this requires an additional service offered by Concord Fax. http://www.concordfax.com
You have to pay for this service, and while it may be fine for someone who would use this service a lot, it might not be such a good deal if your only sending the occasional fax. You pay by the page, and if your sending local faxes you might have already paid off the cost of the modem after 1 months of usage.

There is no current trial/demo of WinFax PRO 10 available, but you can purchase and download WinFax PRO 10.03 directly from Symantec (see this link: http://www.getfaxing.com/winfax )
and yes, it can easily send a batch of faxes (group fax sending) of your resume. Using a seperate add-in, the WinFax Macro for Microsoft Word, you can even send merge faxes that can address each company individually.

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