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When you start WinFax PRO (or if it starts with Windows), the controller indicates it is NOT in auto-receive mode? you have to turn it on, then exit, then start it again (and this time auto-receive is turned on) and the fax is then properly answered?

Did you go into Receive Setup and confirm all your receive options (click Apply, OK).

This will recreate any settings in WinFax. Once you do that, exit the Controller/WinFax and restart.

If that does not help, try double-clicking WTNSETUP.EXE and this will allow you to reconfigure WinFax again.

other steps you can try if problems continue:

Disable the WinFax Service (for Windows XP/2000/NT only)

The WinFax Service answers calls when Windows is logged off. Most don’t need this feature, and enabling this just adds more overhead to your system *by default it is enabled*. If you are using Windows NT/2000/XP, you should turn off the WinFax Service. This can be done in the Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services. Locate the “TalkWorks PRO” or “WinFax PRO” service, double-click and change the startup setting from “Automatic” setting to “Manual”. Also click on STOP to stop the service. Reboot the computer and then go back to the Services in the Control Panel and verify that the WinFax or TalkWorks service is set to “Manual” and is NOT started.
Note: You can turn this back to Automatic after you’ve resolved any problems with WinFax if you want to receive or send faxes while the computer is logged off in Windows XP/2000/NT.

Now, close all active applications, including the WinFax Controller and WinFax Message Manager.

Delete temporary files in Windows (applies to all versions of Windows)

To delete temporary files:

a. Close all applications, including WinFax PRO Message Manager if you haven’t done this already.
b. Click Start, and then click Run.
c. Type %temp% and then click OK. The Temp folder should appear in the list.
d. Click the Edit menu, and then click Select All.
e. Click the File menu, and then click Delete. (You may get an error that some files are in use, this is normal)
f. Close the Temp window.
g. Restart the computer if necessary.

Run the Rebuild.bat utility to repair all WinFax/TalkWorks logs and phonebooks:

For WinFax PRO 9.x, TalkWorks PRO 2.x and TalkWorks PRO 3.x,
read the document How to rebuild or repair Logs and Phonebooks.


For WinFax PRO 10, read the document How to rebuild or repair Logs and Phonebooks in WinFax PRO 10.


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