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thank you for your help. I have already gone into the receive setup and confirmed everything was set correctly – that does not seem to be the problem. As this is a business computer, I do not want to disable the winfax service as we receive fax day and night.

The program was working fine until I downloaded IE7 and that really messed up many things so I uninstalled that and went back to IE6. I fixed the problem with winfax and adding new numbers to phonebooks but can’t get this problem figured out.

It is very simple to just go thru the routine of going into the program and clickingon automatic receive and then exiting the program (which makes the fax work correctly) but it is a real pain.

I am not very computer literate so don’t want to go into the WTNSETUP.EXE and I wouldn’t know what I was doing.

Guess I better get it to a service person that does. Any other suggestions would be helpful