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Where do you enable automatic receive, within WinFax by clicking on Setup dialog, Receive, or by right-clicking the Controller icon and turning on the “Automatic Receive” option? Do you then exit the controller, or shut down the Message Manager (WinFax PRO application) ? once you exit and restart WinFax PRO, do you start the Controller manually, or Message Manager? or do you reboot the computer and allow WinFax PRO controller to start automatically? At this point, does the controller show automatic receive turned on, or off?

by running WTNSETUP.EXE, it is like setting up WinFax again for the first time. It configures all the registry key settings that it requires, such as receive setup, modem setup, etc. If for any reason, a registry key is missing or is corrupt, re-running WTNSETUP.EXE can usually fix it. It won’t fix any problems related to a missing file, since it does not reinstall any specific files (a reinstall is required for that).

It is recommended that if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, you should bring it to the attention of a service person that can take a look at it for you. I generally recommend running a WTNSETUP as a 2nd to last ditch effort to resolve a problem, prior to a complete uninstall/reinstall.