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@winfaxblick wrote:

I’ve just installed WFP 10.03 and updated to 10.04 after realizing that .03 isn’t compatible with XP.

We use a software package (Famous software) that supports the ability to fax documents directly. When I try to send these faxes, I get the following error:

WinFax cannot send the binary file


as a WinFax image because the program needed to print this file cannot be found. Do you want to omit all recepients from the event who require this file in WinFax image format?

What does this mean and how do I get around this?

Thanks in advance…

If you want to attach the file, you need to ensure that this file can automatically print in Windows. (Right click the file in Explorer, click on Print. ) if that doesn’t work, it won’t work within WinFax.

The alternative is to print the document to the WinFax PRO printer driver, then send the fax.